The Future of Product: Building at the pace of AI

As part of our exploration of the world of product management, we used AI to help us map the different tasks a product manager has in their workflow. We went four layers deep to understand the different components that make up each task, sub-task, and sub-sub task. This exercise allowed us, not only to flex our building with AI muscles, but also to understand the impact that AI is going to have on the product manger's workflow.

Included in this page are two charts, the categorical mapping of the product workflow (Figure 1) and the probability of AI automation for the product workflow (Figure 2). Feel free to explore the visualization, they are interactive.

1. The Product workflow mapped by categorical task

2. AI touches nearly every aspect of the Product workflow

As we look towards the future, AI has the potential to (or already is) influencing most every part of the product manager's workflow. The chart below is the same as the chart above, but color coded to the probability of AI automation for the particular task. The tasks in the outer layer are a gradient from darkest blue being "Fully Automated" by AI, stepping to the lightest layer "Fully Human" with the mid-dark blue and the mid-light blue being "Partially Automated" and "AI-Assisted" respectively.

As we keep building, and building with, AI, more of the traditional product management scope will be automated. This opens up new opportunities for going deep into specialized roles, creating new roles under the product management umbrella, and for going wide to allow product managers to do more than they ever could before.

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