Verdi Security Policy


At Verdi, we take your privacy and security extremely seriously. We understand that data entered into our platform is valuable and sensitive in nature, and we strive to ensure that it is kept safe. As an early-stage Alpha product, cognizant that the security of our customers' accounts is essential, we have implemented the following data security protocols to ensure that customer data is kept secure at all times.

AI Engine

Verdi currently leverages Large Language Models (LLMs). The introduction of LLMs has caused uncertainty regarding how user input and output data is used. To alleviate any confusion, it is important to note that Verdi does not include any elements of user input or output in their model training. All input and output data obtained or generated through Verdi is exclusively the intellectual property of the customer.

Data Security Controls

Some of the ways we protect your data include the following:
1. We put access controls in place to ensure that your data as an account holder is not accessed by others outside of your account.
2. We limit who on our team can access customer data to only those who absolutely need access to support customer accounts. In most cases, this is extremely limited and data is only accessed when absolutely necessary.
3. We use encryption in transit to protect your data as it travels between our servers and your device.
4. Access to customer data is only permitted via a valid login token.
5. Any password saved in our system is salted and hashed to further protect customer accounts from malicious intent.
6. In addition to our built in login system, we also offer customers the option to access their account with Google Authentication so as to provide an extra layer of security.
7. We provide customers with the ability to set up documents that are only visible and accessible by them. This provides an extra layer of security and control over the data within their account.


The security and privacy of customer data within the Verdi platform is paramount, and we take the necessary and appropriate measures to ensure that customer data remains secure and confidential.

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